Craig Strickland, VHS 1966 Motorcycle – and Other – Memories

Craig Strickland, VHS 1966     Motorcycle – and Other – Memories

As for that motorcycle-riding, ‘urban legend’ myth in our story about Art Warren (click here), alumnus Craig Strickland, VHS 1966, was the first to share a Vic High motorcycle story, an email that prompted our discovery of Art and his yellow 80cc trailbike. Were they both remembering the same event? Or has there been more than one infamous motorcycle ride around the halls of Vic High?  Craig writes:

It was early June or late May in 1966. I was in Mr. Kay’s Math 91 class on the second floor beside the stairwell. It was a very warm afternoon, all of those big windows were open and class had only been in session for 15 or 20 minutes. We could plainly hear the distinctive sounds of a two-stroke, off-road motorcycle, very close. 

It was revved several times before it was clear that it was moving under load. Suddenly it was in the stairwell moving fast. The sound echoed wildly as it sprinted upward toward the fourth floor!  We could hear it still echoing as it raced towards the opposite stairwell and careened down to the second floor and then down and out the doors to sidewalk next to the stadium and out to the street and was gone.  Shortly, there was an angry voice over the PA system, a bit incoherent but something about seeing things or hearing noise or something.

 We kept our heads down while we tried to get glimpses of each other. Mr. Kay didn’t acknowledge anything. At the end of the period we gathered our things and looked for tire marks on the stairs. Outside there wasn’t a clue. We laughed and marvelled at the exciting prank.  

The math class I was in was all male. Most were on the Academic Technical Programme as I recall, and spent much of their time in the Fairey Tech building. They were prank masters, although I don’t think they were involved with the Moto moment that convulsed the school. Rather they would do things like come into math class chanting in unison, then cross the classroom and go out the window into the fir tree outside. Then there was the mickey-drinking contest in class with Mr. Kay in the room. If he smelled the strong aroma he never interrupted the equation at hand.

Craig sent us a very special 1966 Camosun

Here’s the note he sent with it, both will reside in the Vic High Archives and Museum.

At one point in the development of the 1966 version of the Camosun,  we were running low on pictures. I volunteered my dad Irving Strickland to shoot some pictures in addition to the ones he already had of the Champion Totems team.

As I remember them, he shot the exteriors of the school, the section cover pictures for Grads, Tech and Literary.

The Camosun staff executive came around to our home on Linden Ave to present (him) with his copy of the annual.

Camosun staff signed their photos to thank Irving: Seeth Miko, Robin Allan, Ron Tucker, Bill Polz, Sue Price, Dave Day, Drew Schroeder, Jill Wallace, Maurice Racine, Helen De Havilland, Bob Hammer, Linda Kolodinsky, Craig Strickland.

Dad worked for The Victoria Daily Times for 56 years. He was Victoria’s first full-time newspaper photographer.

Thanks so much for accepting this volume. I am very grateful.

Class of 2011 – Do You Believe?

This lip dub video, produced by Vic High students captures the Vic High Spirit perfectly. Way to go!

View the video

Black and Gold Dinner Caterer Former Vic High Student – Keith Campbell

Black & Gold Dinner

When the carver places the roast beef on your Black and Gold Dinner plate May 2020, , say hello to Keith Campbell, VHS 1987, owner of Fifteen Fifty’s Pub Style Restaurant catering the event.

Victoria-born Campbell grew up in the Broadmead area and his parents operated the Lantern House pizza restaurant, currently Il Greco Pizzeria on Tillicum Road and about to be redeveloped. Campbell attended Tillicum Elementary and Colquitz and Shoreline Junior High schools before enrolling at Vic High in Grade 11 to take part in the auto-body program, still the only one available in the District.

His motivation to succeed must have been instilled early, because he had to come all the way from Sidney to attend Vic High. Housed at the time in the old now-demolished Fairey Tech building, Campbell excelled in the auto-body program, and was awarded a post-secondary scholarship to Camosun College in the trade. By the end of his first year however, he left the program. A few of his classmates’ friends had died from exposure to spray-paint chemicals, and he decided the risk was not one he’d take.

Campbell had experience as a food server and eventually found work as a bartender at Squid Row in Sidney, where he eventually became manager and then general manager. He was unsuccessful in his attempts to join the ownership at Squid Row, so began looking around for business opportunities.

In 1994 with his parents’ help he opened Fifteen Fifty’s, taking over what was Natasha’s Pacific Grill, formerly the Hungarian Village Restaurant. 25 years later, though he remembers well the struggle to build clientele, his business is still growing.

“I’ve been very, very lucky in my life,” said Campbell, looking back at his days at Vic High until now. He also spoke glowingly of his two daughters and two grandchildren and credited his parents and some influential Vic High teachers for contributing to his success.

Ed Wignall, Auto Body, Bud Brice, Metalwork, Bruce Malczeski, Social Studies, and Linda Shevloff, English were among his favourite teachers. Campbell also remembered some of his high-school buddies, Andy Corbett, Brent McKnight, Bill McClung and Neil Meija. In fact, Meija is currently his kitchen manager at 1550s.

He recalled one day at Vic High when an announcement came over the PA asking for the owner of a red Honda Civic to report the school office because his or her car was on fire. One of Campbell’s friends had accidently started the blaze in Campbell’s vehicle. “I loved Vic High. It was a great school.” Perhaps it was that school experience that still inspires him to support the community by contributing to school projects.

2020 Annual General Meeting

Notice of VHSAA Annual General Meeting

Good news: more people want to attend our AGM than ever before. So in order to respect covid pandemic regulations, it will now be held via Zoom.

AGM – June 15, 2020       4 PM – 5:30 PM Pacific Standard Time

You must RSVP anew  to in order to receive the Zoom invite and meeting reports.

We’re excited so many want to participate and look forward to seeing everyone at our first Zoom AGM. Please download the app and familiarize yourself with the protocols. 


VHS ’68 70th Birthday and Spirit Scholarship Fundraiser


Hello Alumni, Vic High Class’68 and friends!

Please join Vic High Class of 1968 and the Vic High R&B Band on April 4th for a fundraising evening of fun and entertainment.  As well, the ’68 crew are celebrating their collective 70th birthdays that night.

Proceeds from the event will go to support the Vic High ’68 Spirit Scholarship which was awarded for the 1st time in 2019. To learn more go to

WHAT:              VHS ’68 celebrates their 70th BDs featuring Vic High R&B Band

WHY:                 VHS ’68 Spirit Scholarship Fundraiser

COST:                 $25 minimum per person

WHERE:            Trafalgar/Pro Patria Legion – 411 Gorge Rd E

WHEN:               Saturday April 4th – 7:00PM

WHO:                  Vic High ’68 grads, VHS Alumni, guests, family and friends

Get Your Tickets

Admission to the party is by a minimum donation of $25 per person.  Donations of $25 or more will receive (at a later date) a receipt for income tax purposes if requested.

To reserve your spot at the Fundraiser/Birthday Party you can:

  • Send an e-transferto Sandi Duncan (go to  for instructions)
  • Mail a cheque made out to the VHS Alumni Associationinclude ’68 Spirit Award on the memo line to
    Sandi Duncan
    202 –  978 Heywood Ave.
    Victoria BC  V8V 2Y4
  • Please include a note listing the number and names of guests attending and if a donation is included or if the cheque is only for a donation.

Payment enquires and requests for tax receipts to Sandi at

Invite your classmates, family and friends to join the party! We want to fill the venue! 

For further info email

Please share this party info with your classmates, family and friends!

Come Give a Cheer!


In Memoriam R – S

Click on the alumni’s name to view their obituary.

If you’d rather search for someone by grad  year, go to this page and click on the year you want. It will bring up the list of alumni who have registered with us and show their Status in the right column.

Raftery, Alice
Randall, Robert
Ransford, Georgina
Ranson, Walter James Jim (1945)

Rayner, Robert J. (1962)
Ready, Gerald Edwin (1945)

Ready, Yvonne M. (nee Taylor) (1946)
Redgrave, Creta (nee Christian) (1942)

Reece, James (1965)
Reedman, Eleanor June (nee Keeble) (1965)
Reid, Iris Reid (née McIvor) (1941)
Reid, Reginald H. (1943) (student, teacher, Vice-Principal) 
Reimer, Faith (nee Woodward) (1942)
Richards, George (1938)

Richardson, Dave (1965)
Ritson, Donald (1945)

Rittaler, Kenneth Alan (1968)
Robb, Dorothy Irene (nee Ralfs) (1932)

Robertson, Bill (1965)

Robertson, Donald Stuart (Major) (1944)

Robertson, Heather (1971)
Robinson, Lillian Grace (nee Braithwaite) (1935)

Rose, Mary (nee Lyster) (1941)
Rose, Valerie Ann (nee Shick:Stene) (1957)
Ross, Rob (1965)
Rounding, Shirley (nee Waring) (1952)
Ruckle, Helen Agnes – Teacher (1961-81)
Ruddy, Lorraine (1945)
Runer, Harry (teacher)

Rushton, Richard Lloyd (1969)

Russell, William Malcolm (1960)
Rutherford, Gordon Clare (1962)

Salmon, Peter Alexander (1947)
Salter, Allan T (1941)
Sangha, Ranjit (Jake) (1952)
Sangha, Tara (1952)

Sarvari, Paul, Jr. (1970)
Schroeder, Frank Emery (1944)
Schroeder, Gregory (1967)
Scobie, Velda D (Wille) (1944)
Scott, Bill (William Edward) (1970)

Scott, Kevin (1974)
Scott-Polson, Louisa Mary (née Neichenbauer) (1956)
Seto, Jerry (1969)
Shaw, Barbara A. (nee Nicholl) (1952)
Shaw, Brian (1965)
Shaw, Marjorie E. (1939)
Shaw, Muriel (Comber) (1939)
Shearing, Roderick (1952)
Shemilt, Victor (1954)

Shepherd, Hazel Pearl (1946)
Shimizu, Yoshio (Yon) (1942)
Shipley, Marjorie Boyce (nee Smyth) (1952)
Sidaway, Ray (1952)
Simpson, Meron (Ron) (1957)

Simpson, Paul Randolph (1954)
Simpson, Phyllis Vera (1956)
Simpson, Verne (1948)
Singh, Spooney (1939)
Skillings, Waldo (1956)
Slade, Sandy (1964)
Small, Brian (1952)
Smith, Francis V. (1955)

Smith, Robert (1965)

Smyth, Donald Ross (1947) (teaching staff)

Soan, John Michael (1970)
Sokalski, Alexander (1955)
Spall, Rita Joy (nee Keays) (1949)

Stade. Eric George (1962)

Stalzer, Judy (nee McMaster) (1963)
St. Arnault, Douglas (1964)

St. Jean, Sylvia W. (nee Jubb) (1958)
Steed, Roger Graham (1958)
Steeves, John (1952)

Steingold, Libby (1965)
Stenning, George (1955)
Stenmark, Cleve Morgan (1946)
Stephen, David Balford (1963)

Stevens, Betty (nee Lubin) (1970)
Stewart, Doug (1949)

Stewart, Kevin William (1981)
Stoba, Fred (1969)

Stolee, Gerry (nee Long) (1949)

Stone, Grace (Gay) (1949)

Storey, Jacquie (nee MacDougall) (1955)
Streeton, Richard Alexander (1963)

Stuart, Robert C. (1956)
Stone, Grace (Gay) (1949)

Summerfield, Barry B. (1962)

Summers, Dave (1965)
Sutherland, Eleanor Wilma (née Miller) (1944)
Sutton, Bea (teacher)
Swannell, Michael Lornem(1958)

Syrett, Lorna (1965)

In Memoriam O – Q

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Oberg, Clarice Sarah (née Knott) (1950)
O’Brien, Michael (1981)
Okros, Aileen May (née Smyth) (1947)
Oliphant, Glenn (1949)
Oliver, Peter (1961)
Oliver, Winsome (nee Smith) (1943)

Olsen, Peter Eric (1944)
Olson, Joy (nee Saunders)
Orchard, Ray (1949)
O’Riordan, Gail (nee Wall) (1963)

Osselton, Harry (Henry) (1943)
Owens, Walter.Raymond (1953)
Ozard, William Wakefield (1955)
Packford, Robert William (1965)
Painter, Herbert G (1940)

Parfitt, Florence Mary (nee Rowley) (1938)
Parrott, Rubymay (nee Brown) (1938)

Parry, Ted (1965)
Paterson, Audrey (nee Pipes) (1942)
Paterson, David (1956)
Peerless, Kathleen (Kay) (nee Cruickshank) (1944)

Peirce, Yvonne (1950)
Pendray, Joyce Florence Marion (nee Andrews) (1943)
Perry, Jocelyn (nee Rigby) ) (1949)

Peters, Brian (1965)
Peterson, Ben (1941)
Phillips, John Malcolm (1943)
Pilcher, Dorothy A (nee Hosie) (1961)
Pimlott, Diana Pearl (1949)
Player, Sylvia Agnes (nee Welsh) (1950)
Pollick, Phyllis (nee Addison) (1936)
Pomeroy, Richard James (1955)

Poulton, Percy (1938)
Pound, Faye Gillian (nee Heslop) (1997)
Pretty, Maureen (nee Hill) (1939)

Price, Arthur Earle (1960)
Price, Eileen (nee Higgins) (1952)
Priestley, Glenn (1948)
Prior, Bill (1941)
Preston, Lorraine (nee Glass) (1941)

Preston, Priscilla (Pat) (nee Brown) (1942)

Proke, Teresa (nee Trono) (1965)
Pupak, Florence J. (Tulloch) (1953)
Pynn, Gary (1951)

Pynn, Paul (1979)
Quan, Lily (nee Low) (1940)
Quan, Lily (1945)

In Memoriam M – N

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MacDonnell, Alexander Leslie Duff (1941)

Mackay, Wallace (1949)
Mackenzie, Allan “Doug” (1946)
MacKinnon, Charles Duncan (1943)
MacKinnon, Ross (1941)
MacKinnon, Dolina (1932)
MacLachlan, Donald Fraser (1940)

MacNeill, Janice Dale (nee Kimmerly) (1965)

Mactavish, Malcolm Blair (1968)
Mags, George Alfred (1942)

Mair, James Irvine (Jim) (1965)
Mar, Ben Bing (1933)

Maratos, Susan (nee Forrest) (1964)

Markkanen, Timo (1969)

Martindale, Jo (nee Paul) (1965)
Martyn, Alan (1971)
Martyn, Kathleen (1968)
Marshall, Donna (Harrison)
Mau, Jan (Chapman) (1963)

Maxwell, Doreen (nee Cleator) (1943)

Maxwell, Helen Deans (nee Seminiuk) Teaching Staff
Mayne, Thomas Walter (“Tommy”)(1935) 
McAllister, Carey (1949)

McCall, Torrey A (1942)
McCarthy, Lillian (née Houston) (1954)
McClure, Beverley J. (1949)
McCorkall, Lew (1942)

McCulloch, Helen Louise (nee Williamson) (1954)

McCulloch, Ken (1955)
McCulloch, Marian Isabel (Pengelly) (1954)
McDonald, David Reginald (1973)
McGowan, Joyce M. (nee Whitehead)
McGowan, Stewart (Stu) Edwin (1955)
McCoy, Ernest E ( 1942)
McHugh, Bernard(teacher from 1974-1993)
McIntosh, Carolle (nee Oliphant)
McKeachie, James (1941)
McKenzie, Patricia (1943)
McLaren, Ethel (nee Crossman) (1937)
McLaren, Patricia Y. (nee Jones)(1951)
McLaws, Donald James (1997)

McLay, Elinor Jean (nee Sutherland) (1965)
McLeod, Terry (1952)

McLeod-Smith, April (nee McLeod) (1965)
McNab, Lynne Elizabeth (1955)

McPherson, Ann (1952)
McTavish, Sandra (1960)
McVie, Jill (nee Paver) (1965)
Meadows, Hilda (1935)
Melville, Valerie Rose (nee Walleen) (1968)

Metcalf, Donald T. (1945)

Metcalfe, Patricia (nee Yeamans) (1946)

Merrill, Patricia A. (1964)
Messerschmidt, Kenneth (19__)
Millar, Joan (née Climenhaga) (1962)
Mills, Ernest Robert (1957)

Minnis, Harvey B. (1939)
Miskiman, Harold (1962)
Mitchuk, Ed (1959)
Mitchell, Margaret (1933)
Moen, Trygvie Garnett (1972)
Money, Lillian May Lillian (1936)
Mooney, Cynthia Diane (nee Ross) 1952
More, Doreen (née Bull) (1950)

Morgan, Sheila Felicity (nee Woodward) (1947)

Morris, Fay (1947)
Morson, Wayne Charles (1962)

Morton, Patrick (1975)

Munday, West (1975)

Munro, Barbara Mary (nee Jones) (1951)

Murdoch, Allan (1956)
Murphy, Stan (teacher 1948-1964)

Murray, Lorne Clark (1960)

Nachtrieb, Howard Albert (about 1931)
Naylor, Donald (1945)
Nerland, Sheila (nee Chambers ) (1941)
Nesmith, Cecil Leslie (teacher 1965-93)
Newman, Clifford (1952)
Newton, John (1949)

Nicholls, Mary McNeill (nee Dryburgh) (1944)

Nicolson, Jack (1948)
Nightingale, Francis Joan (1977)
Nobbs, Graham (1942)
Nolan, Denis (1966)
Norman, Joan Esther (nee Mainwaring) (1968)
Neve, Mary (nee Norton) (1939)



In Memoriam D – H

Click on the alumni’s name to view their obituary.

If you’d rather search for someone by grad  year, go to this page and click on the year you want. It will bring up the list of alumni who have registered with us and show their Status in the right column.

Dakers, Muriel (Joan) (née Stewart) (1954)

David, Marjorie (nee Grattan) (1936)
Davies, Lloyd (1946)
Dawson, Nancy (nee Young) (1941)
De Bruyn, Sally (nee Freeman) (1975)

Dent, Gerald (1965)
d’Estrube, Pierre François (1941)

Dmytruk, Lenard Stephen (1959)
Donaldson, Jenny (nee Crawford) (teacher 1969-81)
Donaldson, Keith H (1962)
Donaldson, Nancy (nee Jones) (1962)

Dorais, Dennis (1965)

Dowell, Eric Gordon (1945)
Down, Harry
Duncanson, Barbara Gail (nee Robinson) (1964)
Dutton, Douglas James (1966)

Easingwood, Dawn (nee Shipton) (1960)

Eby, Laurel Marie (nee Minnis) (1941)

Eby, Margaret (nee Wilson) (1952)
Edwards, Jessie (1930)

Edwards, Rita (nee Taylor) (1960)

Eekman, Walter Gordon (1934)

Egan, Valerie (nee Barnes) Teacher and Administrator
Elder, Donald James (1943)
Ellis, Rev. Walter Edmund Warren (Wally) (1952)
Elverhoy, Rino (1962)

Elwell, Rosemary Nadine (nee Ellis) (1950) 

Emde, Joan (nee Scythes) (1965)

Embleton, Charles Richard Anthony Waterlow (Tony) (1940)

English, George (Teaching Staff)

English, W. David (1963)
Eppler, Richard (1969)
Esplen, William Murray (Bill) ( 1970)

Essihos, Richard (1971)
Etches, Lillian Margaret (née Curtis) (1949)
Evans, Dorothy teacher

Evans, Frank (1950)
Evans, George Herbert (1944)
Evans, Glenna (2000)
Ewing, Ruth (1941)
Fairbairn, Roy (1949)
Fallis, Elizabeth (nee Collis)
Faulks, Edie (nee Hughes) (1932)
Fell, Ralph (teacher 1963-83)

Ferguson, David B. (1965)
Ferguson, Hugh (1941)

Ferguson, Nina Evelyn (nee Schreiber) (about 1928)
Ferguson, William (1941)
Ferris, Leonard (1938)
Finlayson, Wilma Darlaine (nee Aitken) (1946)
Firth, Ian H. (1949)
Firth, Marguerite (née Zaferis) (1949)
Fletcher, Val Edward (1964)
Flett, Joyce (nee Applegate) (1932)
Fong, Henry (1946)
Fox, Joseph H. (1936)
Frackson, Joseph (1956)
Frampton, Donald (1964)
Fraser, Alice (1935)
Fraser, John (1933)
Freeman, Ian MacKay (1952)

Freethy, Peggy (nee Mulliner) (1936)

Frewing, Grant (1961)

Frewing, Terry (1962)
Fry, Albert George (Al) (1945)
Fry, William (1950)
Fuggle, Alice Joyce (nee Cunningham) (1946)
Fuller, Arthur (1934)
Fuller, Edmind (1940)

Gaiger, Michael Ross (1971)
Gallo, Mike (1961)
Garner, William John (1950) (teacher and principal)
Gill, Ardath Lorraine (nee Glassford) (1961)

Gill, Sardul (1949)

Gillilander, John (1956)
Gilmour, Alan (1980)
Goddard, Joan Marie (nee Gonnason) (1950)
Gosse, Alan (1942)
Goudal, Doreen Gladys (nee Kresier, King)
Gower, Frank (1945)
Gower, Margaret Vivian (1935)
Gower, William James (1935)
Gregg, John Harold (Hal) (1951)
Griffin, Gladys (nee Revercomb)
Griffin, Susan Marian (nee Colbert) (1944)
Haddock, Courtney

Hagen, Barry Vincent (Sutton) (1957)

Hainstock, Terry (1965)
Halbert, Donna Jean (1971)

Hamill, Roy Erwin James (1964)

Hamilton, Alayne (nee Waller) (1958)
Hamilton, Robert (1958)
Hamilton, Valerie (née Parkin) (1957)

Hampton, Robert (Bob) Walter (1943)

Hannah-Matin, Aaron Samuel (2002)

Hansen, Jerry (1957)
Harbord, Betty Mae (1938)
Harlan, Jennie (nee Robbins)
Harris, William Edward (1954)

Harrison, Nancy (nee Worden) (1965)

Hartley, Gordon (1936)
Harvey, Rita (nee Bray) (1968)
Hawkins, Owen (1947)
Hawthornes, James W. (1959)
Hawthorne, John (1944)
Hay, Elly Anne (née Demchuk) (1962)
Haynes, Elizabeth A. “Betty” (nee Carlow) (1941)
Hebden, Edith Mary Lucy (nee Crocker) (1934)
Heggie, W. R. Claud(1940)
Henley, Douglas Charles (1949)
Hemstreet, Lois (1947)

Heppel, Vivi Mandrup (nee Wyatt, Petersen)(1960)

Herdan, Beryl Eleanor (nee Herbert, Peterson) (1947)
Hewett, Shirley (1950)
Heywood, Donald (1956)

Higgins, Brian (1965)
Hill, Lawrence (1954)
Hill, George (1968)
Hinch, Frank
Holman, Kenmeth (1960)
Hoshal, Gordon William (1969)
Huggins, Meryl (nee Stebbing) (1943)
Hughes, Walter (1932)
Hume, Lynn May (nee Larson) (1965)
Humphrey, Patricia (1942)
Hundleby, Maurice Alan (1940)

Hunniford, Terrance (1965)
Hunter, Gail Marlene (nee Potter) (1957)
Hutchinson, Alan (1954)

Black and Gold Dinner – 2018

Black and Gold Dinner – June 2, 2018
Five Illustrious Alumni Honoured

Once again, it was a wonderful celebration! Click on each inductee’s name below for a video about them, produced again by Anne McKeachie (VHS 1968) and Alan Perry (VHS 1974), along with a beautiful video tribute to today’s Vic High from the 2018 staff and students. Thank you to all who attended and we look forward to the next Black and Gold Dinner in 2020!

Our five Illustrious Alumni honoured at this year’s event were:

Dr. Wallace Chung (VHS 1945), highly respected former Director of Surgery and medical researcher at UBC, best known for the introduction of innovative techniques in stroke surgery and the advancement of vascular surgery as a recognized specialty.

David Anderson (VHS 1955), Member of Parliament under Pierre Trudeau and Jean Chretien and cabinet minister under Chretien, serving as Minister of Fisheries and five years as Minister of Environment.  David also found success as part of the Canadian 8-member rowing team that won a silver medal at the 1959 Pan Am Games and at the 1960 Olympics. He is a member of the Order of Canada.

Carole Sabiston (VHS 1957), a world-renowned fabric artist and Order of BC member. She creates magnificent painted murals, hangings, aerial sculptures and tapestries using multiple layers of netting and fabrics to create translucent passages of shifting lights and shimmering movements of water and air. Her work has been exhibited across Canada and in Europe.

David Day (VHS 1966), internationally acclaimed author. He has written many books on the works of J.R.R. Tolkien, beginning with The Tolkien Bestiary in 1978, and an amazing book on the Lewis Carroll classic, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland Decoded.

Sam Dunn (VHS 1992), documentary filmmaker. He won a Gemini Award for best writing in a documentary film for Metal: A Headbanger’s Journey that premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival.  His films have been nominated for a Grammy award, and won a Peabody Award and he co-directed and hosted the Metal Evolution TV series that reached #1 on VH1 Classic and MuchMoreMusic.

                  Dr. Wallace Chung                  David Anderson

Carole Sabiston                    David Day                        Sam Dunn

In Memoriam T – Z

Click on the alumni’s name to view their obituary.

If you’d rather search for someone by grad  year, go to this page and click on the year you want. It will bring up the list of alumni who have registered with us and show their Status in the right column.

Tait, Deborah (nee Sturdy) (1968)

Tang, Bessie (1936)

Tang, King (1972)

Taylor, Don (1949)
Taylor, Jim (1955) 
Temple, Jean (nee Miller)

Thame, Stan (1961)

Thompson, John Lang (1952)

Thomson, G.A.V. (Victor), VHS Principal 1959-66
Thomson, Mrs. G.A.V. (Florence)
Thomson, Margot Charlotte (nee Gage) (1955)
Thomson, Peter (1952)

Thorpe, Ronald (1942)
Tickson, Grace (1941)

Tomlinson, Ronald Cyril (1952)
Tooby, Howard David (1946)
Todd, Dennis (1962)

Thornton, Violet Rae (née Curtis) (1949)

Travis, Lorraine Elizabeth (nee Brand) (1953)

Treherne, Thomas Claude (1940)
Tucker, Tom (1952)
Turcotte, Raymond (1952)
Turner, Barry Earl (1954)

Tutte, Velma (Val) (nee Wilson) (1943)
Tyson, Peter Robert (1962)
Ulrich, Mary (1931)

Underwood, Betty Lou Genevieve (nee Sidlick) (1948)
Unwin, Dr. Ernest A. (1951)
Ustik, Adam (1957)

Valdal, Ivan (1961)
Vanderbyl, Maureen (nee Maureen Vanderbyl (Wright, Bousfield) (1953)
Verne, Charles Michael (1972)
Vivian, Leslie Arthur (1943)
Vollinger, Roy (1961)
Voorsluys, Gerrit Hendrik “Henny” (1962)
Wagner, Veronica (nee Milton) (1963)
Waite, Mary (nee Parton) (1963)
Wakelyn, Daryl William (1968)
Wallace, Brian (1960)
Waller, E. Joyce  (1950)
Wallace, Jill (1966)
Wallace, Lawrie (1930) 
Wallace, Mrs. Lawrie (Lois)

Wallace, Rosalie (nee Gaiger) (1966)
Wallis, Rita (nee Nevard)(1940)

Walter, Vanetia (née Tait) 1951

Warburton, Tannis (1942)
Waring, Francis Edward
Watkins, David Thomas (former principal)
Watson, Allan Richard (1950)
Watson, Noreen “Nor ” Edwina (Wheeler)(1953)

Watson, Paul (1965)

Weber, Marguerite (nee Auchterlonie) (1943)

Wedman, Linda (1965)
Weich, Kathleen (1975)
Westcott, Alfred (1959)
White, Pamela (1943)
Whitmore, Brian (1965)
Wickes, James Allen (1955)

Wight, Jeannette (nee Nosler) (1944)
Wilkes, Sandra Isobel Alexandria (nee Gallagher) (1967)
Wilkinson, Philip (1948)

Willett, Lea Ernest (1982)
Williams, Ian G H (1935)
Williams, Joan F (1934)
Williams, Jo-Ann (nee Halfhide) (1962)
Williams, Laura Ella-Belle (1940)
Wills, Kenneth A. Ken (1940)
Wilson, Bill (1969)

Wilson, Kenneth D. (1970)

Wilson, Margaret Eileen (nee Wills) (1941)

Wilson, Wallace Keith (1948)

Wilson, Rosemary (nee MacFayden) (1955)
Wirtanen, Ernest Wilfred (1935)

Wolfe-Milner, Donna (Hutchinson) (1965)
Woollett, George (1951)
Wood, Bryant (1956)
Wood, Richard (1952)

Woodward, Christopher (1949)

Wright, Carmen (nee Hocking) (1949)
Wright, Winnifred Joy Kirchner Stamford (1942)
Wyle, Paul (1969)
Yates, Laura Viola (nee Manton) (1943)
Zellermeyer, Alex (1968)

Black and Gold Dinner – 2016

Seven Illustrious Alumni Honoured on May 13, 2016

Click on each inductee’s name to link to a video about them.

Emily Carr (VHS 1888) one of Canada’s most world-renowned artists.

Torchy (VHS 1924) and Doug Peden (VHS 1933) accomplished athletes, who each represented Canada in numerous Olympic sports.

Thomas W. Mayne (VHS 1935) was a beloved Vic High teacher forover 30 years, but might be best remembered as the force behind the school’s Calamity Players skits at assemblies.

Dr. Norma Mickelson (VHS 1944) became the first woman Chancellor at the University of Victoria (1997-2002) after a distinguished career that included serving as UVic’s Dean of Education. She is a member of the Order of British Columbia and the Order of Canada.

Dr. A.J. Stewart Smith (VHS 1955) is a renowned particle physicist based at Princeton University in New Jersey, and will make the trip back to accept the award from the school for which he has a deep fondness (see his memoir on our Alumni website: go to, click on Archives, then Tales from the Attic, then “April 2015: Victoria High School in the 1950s”).

Hans de Goede (VHS 1971) played rugby for Vic High and went on to represent Canada 24 times in international competition. He was twice named to the All-World XV, and is a member of both the Victoria Sports Hall of Fame and the BC Sports Hall of Fame.

The 2014 inductees were Jim Taylor (VHS 1955, sports columnist/humourist), Dr. Maria Tippett (VHS 1962, cultural historian), Richard Hunt (VHS 1971, native artist/carver) and Jessica Monroe-Gonin (VHS 1984, Olympic gold/silver medallist in rowing).

TM        NormaMickelson2        Stewart Smith2        Hans DeGoede2

Tommy Mayne         Norma Mickelson           Stewart Smith             Hans deGoede

Torchy&Doug PedenEmily Carr 2

Emily Carr                    The Peden Brothers

1968 Pizza Party – May 18, 2014

The warm, late afternoon May sunshine provided the ‘icing on the cake’ for a wonderful gathering of alumni at the home of Jim and Cathy (Pearson) Crawford on Sunday, May 18 when approximately 50 guests gathered to catch up with each other in a relaxed outdoor setting.

Beginning at 4pm guests sipped their drinks, mingled, and soaked up the ambience while trading stories with each other in the house, out in the garden, and on the patios – all the while enjoying delicious appies brought along by generous folks.

Later the party was treated to the rock musical stylings of 2 different bands from their era in the Crawford’s’ ‘Party Garage’!

Dancers and appreciative listeners, along with the band, only took a short break to enjoy delicious Oregano’s pizza as the warm weather offered the rare Victoria opportunity to continue to dine outside, sans bugs, rain, or the usual high winds!

A further treat followed as the golden afternoon sun faded to a lovely lavender twilight at which point the guests moved into the ‘dance garage’ and were treated to an amazingly talented R & B trio.

Led by the fabulous vocals of the featured soloist and highly talented musician (from the dance the evening before at the Crystal Gardens!)  the trio offered tasty dance tunes for the remaining die hard partiers!

It can be honestly said that The Class of ’68 know how to party yet the next day, thanks to the continued enthusiastic and team attitude of this amazing group, one would not have known such a fabulous gathering had even occurred…..well, aside from the beautiful bouquets, balloons, and a very neat and tidy recycling centre!

Thanks to all for a wonderful time!
See you again next time!

Click on the photos below to enlarge them.

photo 2 (7) photo 4 (6) photo 4 (5) photo 3 (5) photo 2 (9) photo 2 (8) photo 1 (8) photo 1 (7) photo 4 (4) photo 3 (3) photo 3 (2) - Copy photo 2 (6) photo 2 (5) photo 2 (5) - Copy photo 1 (6) photo 1 (5) 10334457_10152879007434115_5519142850970084053_n

Black and Gold Dinner – 2014

2014 First Annual Black and Gold Dinner

For the past year the Alumni Association has been compiling a list of illustrious alumni. While this is still a “work in progress,” we took advantage of the centenary of the current Vic High building to showcase the outstanding accomplishments of four of our amazing grads.

On Thursday May 15, 2014, we held a dinner at the Wardroom at CFB Esquimalt to recognize (L-R): Richard Hunt, class of 1971; Dr. Maria Tippett, class of 1962; Jessica Monroe-Gonin, class of 1984; and Jim Taylor, class of 1955. (See details below.)

140 people enjoyed an amazing celebration on a beautiful evening at the Wardroom with spectacular views overlooking the ocean! The Vic High Pop Choir was in typically fine form, entertaining during the cocktail hour. Keith McCallion masterfully emceed the event. The Minister of Education attended and in his remarks congratulated the honoured guests, while saluting our great school and Alumni Association in this centenary of our current building. The School District and Board of Trustees were well represented, with the Board Chair, Peg Orcherton, Class of ’73, also offering words of congratulations to the honourees and acknowledging the school and Alumni Association. Five past Principals were in attendance along with many former staff, alumni from the ’40s to ’90s, current students and staff, and friends and family of the honourees. Current students Eric Buhne, Saali-aa Edgar, Krysteena White and Tristan Pakosh joined Alumni Association directors Roger Skillings, Fred Packford, Denis Johnston and King Lee to present video tributes and introduce each honouree. The responses from those who attended have been full of accolades for a thoroughly enjoyable and entertaining evening – and we are already looking forward to the next one!

Click on each inductee’s name to link to a video about them.

Jim Taylor (VHS 1955)
A nationally acclaimed humourist and sports writer, Jim is the author of over 15 books including Dirty 30 (1974) and two biographies of Wayne Gretzky (1984 and 1994). He began at the Daily Colonist, went on to write for both Vancouver dailies, and was syndicated across Canada. He has won numerous awards, and is a member of five sports halls of fame

Dr. Maria Tippett (VHS 1962)
Maria is a leading Canadian cultural historian and the author of more than a dozen books including Art at the Service of War (1984) and biographies of Canadian artists Emily Carr, F.H. Varley, and Yousuf Karsh. Her many honours include the Governor General’s book award for non-fiction. After several years teaching in England, she now resides on Pender Island.

Richard Hunt (VHS 1971)
Richard is an acclaimed artist whose works grace galleries and private collections across the country and beyond. He was the artist behind all the design work created for Vic High’s 125th celebrations in 2001. He is a member of the Order of British Columbia (1991), the Order of Canada (1994) and the Royal Academy of the Arts (2004). In 2009 he received the BC Creative Achievement Award for Aboriginal Art.

Jessica Monroe-Gonin (VHS 1984)
Jessica was on the national rowing team and won Olympic gold and silver medals at the summer games in Barcelona (1992) and Atlanta (1996). She is a member of the British Columbia, Victoria, and Canadian sports halls of fame.


In Memoriam I – L

Click on the alumni’s name to view their obituary.

If you’d rather search for someone by grad  year, go to this page and click on the year you want. It will bring up the list of alumni who have registered with us and show their Status in the right column.

Ireland, Donald James (1975)

Irish, Donald (1958)

Isbister, Terrance J. (1970)
Isenor, Kathleen M. (1964)

Ivatts, Cecilia Marie (1955)

Ivatts, Peter John (1951)

Jacob, Eileen Frances (nee Tidbury) (1951)

Jacobsen, Eileen Daphne (1960)

Jagow, Gloria (nee Bennett) (1952)
Jankowski, Jezyk “Jerry” (1969)

Jarvis, Thomas (1969)
Jeffrey, Phillip
Jepson, Frances Mary (nee Westerman ) (1945)
Joe, Betty (nee Lim) (1942)
Joe, Jon Pack Chung (John Chow) (1935/36)

Jones, Anthony “Kyle” (1950)
Jones, Garth (1949)
Jones, Robert (1957)

Joslin, Helen Margaret (nee Warwick) (1949)
Jung, Douglas (1941)
Keir, Norah Lillian (née Smith) (1946)
Kelley, David John (1967)\

Kelly, Gary M. (1965)
Kent, Beverley (1947)
Kent, Margaret (1946)

Kirby, Cole (1975)
Kirby, William (1952)
Kirchner, David (1950)
Kirkham, Rodney Victor (1956)

Kirkman, Ruth (nee Rogers) (1943)

Klingbeil, Marlyn (Lyn) Ann (nee Brawn) (1943)

Knotts, Walter (1939)

Lamontagne, Ronald (1965)
Lang, Jerry (1962)

Langdon, Peter R. (1946)

Lansdowne, Fenwick (1955)
Large, Walter ( 1952)
Lavallee, Helen May (née Lange) (1949)
Lawson, Olive Lydia (1944)
Leach, Christine Ramsay (nee Boyd) (1952)

Lee, Gordon (1975)
Lee, Jack Wai Yen Lee (1940)
Lee, Lim Dart (1942)

Lemasurier, Wayne (1965)
Lequesne, Gordon (1947)
Lewis, Kory (nee Gwen Turvey) taught at VHS in the late 1950s into the early 1960s.png

Lightfoot, Leonard (1962)
Lim, Howard (1958)

Lima, Tony (1975)
Lindgren, Robert (1941)

Lindquist, Allan Herbert (1965)
Lindsay, Jean (nee Fletcher) (1940)
Litster, Victoria Jeanie
Lister, Stephanie Jean (nee Trim)(1969)
Litwin, Shirley (1940)
Lomas, Randolph (1967)

Long, Ricky (1965)
Lorimer, Darrell D (1959)
Lorimer, J. Duncan (VHS Principal 1966-79) 

Livingston, John (1969)
Lott, Joseph William (1940)

Lou-Poy, Ronald (1952)
Lough, Beverley Margaret (nee Clark) (1943)

Lougheed, Melissa Denise (1998)

Louis, Susan Marie (nee Stout) (1978)

Love, Kathleen Roberta (nee Morris) (1965)
Low, Albert Dat Wai (1979)
Lowe, Daphyne (1955)
Lowe, Harvey (1935)
Lowther, John Jerome (Jack) (VHS Principal 1980-82)
Luney, Gordon Craig (1949)


In Memoriam A – C

Click on the alumni’s name to view their obituary.

If you’d rather search for someone by grad  year, go to this page and click on the year you want. It will bring up the list of alumni who have registered with us and show their Status in the right column.

Abbott, Bruce “Ian” (1982)

Acres, Dolora Murray (nee Parker) (1945)

Adams, Daryl (1980)

Adams, Robert Lionel (1963)

Adams, Wayne Bruce (1964)

Aitchison, Eva Wallace (nee Mason) (1937)
Albany, Joyce (nee Warren) (1937)
Albers, Jane Frances (2002)

Alexander, Bernice (nee Alexander) (1949)

Allen, Keith Norman (1969)

Ambrus, Valerie Lillian (nee McIvor) (1943)

Andersen, Lela (nee Kroft) (1931)

Anderson, Norm (1963)
Anderson, Lavaughn “Lonnie” (nee West) (1949)
Andrews, Fred (1968)
Andrews, Marion Jenny (1942)
Andrews, Muriel E. (Teacher 1960 – 1989)
Anderson, Roxy (1938)

Angus, David H. F. (1958)
Anstey, Thomas Herbert (1946)

Ashbridge, John (1964)

Ashton, David Michael (1967)
Aspestrand, Sven Ake (1961)
Arnold, Janet Ilene (1967)

Austin, Percy Russell (1964)
Autor, Anne Pomeroy (1952)

Axhorn, Cyril (1932)

Badall, Marilyn (nee Takvor) (1960)

Bagshaw, Darlaine (1956)
Bailey, John (1952)
Bailey, Wallace Mark (1946)

Bain, Alan “Floyd” (1953)

Baines, Ann (nee Jaynes) (1951)
Baines, Joan (nee Sampson) (1940)
Baird, Bruce Douglas (1951)
Baker, Grant (1950)
Baker, Roy (1945)
Balfour, Bernice (née Butteris) (1940)

Banky, Alan James (1981)

Barbour, Murray (1928)
Barker,  David Joseph (1936)
Barker, Ethel Evelyn (nee Fitchett) (1939)

Barnes, Robin (1959)

Balfour, Bernice (nee Butteris) (1940)

Ballard, Ken (1961)

Bamford, LaVerne Irene (nee Russell) (1949)
Barlow, Kenneth (1959))
Barnett, Howard
Barrett, Gordon John (1945)

Barron, Peter (2010)

Barnswell, Rick (1963)
Barwell, Grace (nee Revercomb)

Basi, Bhagat (1948)

Bates, Joan Margaret (nee Semple) (1951)

Batey, Alan (1934)

Batterbury, George (Teaching Staff)

Beck, Wally (1943)

Bell, Doug (1956)

Belsky, Simone (nee Marquette)

Bennett, Joan (nee Chestney) (1945)

Berry, Lucy Muriel (nee Huzzey) (1937)

Berrisford, Violet (née Anastasiou) (1945)

Berryman, Carol (1954)

Bialkowski, Richard (1965)
Bigelow, Joan Louise (1950)
Birch, Dr. Kenneth B (1961)

Bishop, Norma Vincent (nee Clayton) (1940)
Bissett, Kathleen Isabel “Kay” (nee Shute) (1940)
Blackie, Deborah (Debbie) L. (nee Parkinson) (1967)

(there’s more about Deb under the Archives tab)

Bligh, Daisy Ena (nee Baker) (1936)

Boel, John (1947)
Boldt, Peter (teacher) (1958-1959)

Bollen, Edward (1965)
Bonner, Harold (1951)
Bonner, Kristen (1993)
Booth, John Reginald (1956)

Booth, Valerie (nee Hall) (1950)

Bosdet, George (1942)
Bosence, Gary (1958)

Botten, Brian (1963)
Botting, Kathryn L. (1945)

Bottoms, Linda (nee McFadyen) (1975)

Bowman, Larry (1965)

Brain, Darlene (nee Noble) (1961)

Bray,Phyllis R (née Martin) (1946)

Brazier, Lyda Ethel May (cafeteria cook to 1970)

Breitenbach, Merle (nee Waggett) (1971)

Brice, Arthur Charles (1954)
Brice, Leslie (1950)

Bridge, Olga (nee Lachjuk, Kowalyk) (1951)
Bridgen, Jari Alexander (1990)

Briggs, Tillman (Staff)

Brooks, George (Bud) (Teaching Staff)
Brown, Ian Forsyth (1941)
Bryson, Joan (nee Baird) (1944)
Bryson, William (1943)
Bucsis, Brenda Ann (nee Baker) (1958)
Burgess, Don (1952)

Caldwell, Robert Montgomery (1955)
Callow, Edythe (nee Drake) (1939)
Cameron, Eva-Lind (1944)
Camp, Donald Barrington “Barry” (teacher)

Campbell, Robert Alexander (1965)
Campbell, Shirley Ann (née Hebden) (1955)
Cannon, Daryll (1968)
Cantwell, Violet (1936)
Carr, Joan (1936)

Carruthers, Candice (nee Marks) (1970)
Chadwick, Virginia (nee Bosdet) (1965)

Chambers, Gordon (1942)
Chapple, Robert Allan (teacher)

Charlton, Glenn Elmer (1947)
Chatfield, Ruth Alice (1928)

Chewpoy, Robert Brian (1965)
Chow, Edna ( 1938)
Chow, Lena (nee Lee) (1951)
Christensen, Harlene (1955)
Christian, Frances I. (nee Clarke)(1935)
Clark, Keith (1971)
Clarke, Irene (1935)

Clarke, Josephine (nee Wilson) (1939)
Clarke, Kenneth DA (1943)

Clarke, Tony (1979)
Clarkson, Ida (1943)
Coates, Allen Arthur (1943)
Colley, Gary (1966)
Colley, Wayne M. (1969?)
Collins, Robert (1939)
Collison, Gwendolyn Frances (née Mason) (1951)
Cooke, Bruce Armstrong (1941)
Cooper, Barbara Jean (née Bousfield) (1954)
Cooper, Beverly (nee Koski) (1953)
Cooper, Norman (1941)

Cooper, Wendy (nee Copeland) (1958)
Corcoran, Gloria (née Bullock) (1969)
Couch, Richard (1967)
Cox, Albert R (1946)
Cox, David James (1975)
Cox, Lorne A (1946)
Crabbe, Chummy (1954)
Crabbe, Terry (1968)

Craig, Grant J. (1949)

Craig, Verna (née Jackson) (1949)
Crawford, Bruce (1961)

Crawford, Glen (1960)
Creighton, Sean (1988)

Crocker, Don (1965)

Crofton, Marie (nee White) (1943)

Cronk, Douglas R. (1965)
Cropp, Kathleen (Kathy)  (nee Smith) (1965)

Crowther, Bernice (1965)
Crowther Frederick William Powell (Bill) (1941)

Cunliffe, Douglas (1971)
Curtis, Hugh A (1950)

Cutford, Brent D. (1965)

Class of 1972

We meet every couple of months for lunch. If anyone is interested in seeing photos of the lunches, or being added to the e-mail lunch list or the grad list, please email and check our Facebook page at!/groups/211596495559710/

In Memoriam – Alumni Assn Icons

Jim Taylor, 1937-2019
Recruited from a journalism class at Vic High, Jim Taylor (VHS 1955) went on to become an award-winning sportswriter, humourist, and author of some 19 books.
Click here for an appreciation by Jack Knox in the Times Colonist.
Click here for an appreciation by Tom Hawthorn; a shorter version appeared in the Globe and Mail.
Click here for an obituary from the Vancouver Sun.
Click here for a memoir from his friend and fellow journalist King Lee (VHS 1958).
Click here to view a video honouring him as one of Vic High’s “Illustrious Alumni” (2014).

Tommy Mayne, 1918-2018
No one personifies the special qualities of Vic High better than Thomas W. Mayne (grad 1935, teacher 1945-78). He was revered as a social studies teacher, drama director, and sponsor of the madcap skit group Calamity Players. Following his retirement in 1978, he developed a second career as a community leader and philanthropist.
Click here for an Alumni Association feature that traces his teaching career (2009).
Click here for a Times Colonist feature on his contributions to the wider community (2011).
Click here for an obituary published in the Times Colonist (2018).
Click here to view a video honouring him as one of Vic High’s “Illustrious Alumni” (2016).

Reg Reid, 1924-2017
Reginald H. Reid was a Vic High grad (valedictorian 1943) and teacher (1957-63) before serving as one of the school’s most popular and effective vice principals (1967-77). A celebration of his life was held on June 3, 2017, in the Lawrie Wallace Auditorium.
Click here for an obituary published in the Times Colonist.
Click here for a tribute written by King Lee (VHS 1958).
Click here for a Times Colonist feature written by Cleve Dheenshaw (VHS 1974).

Jill Wallace, 1948-2011
The top academic grad of Vic High’s  class of 1966, Gillian P. Wallace rose to become a Queen’s Counsel and British Columbia’s Deputy Attorney General. She was also a longtime stalwart of the Alumni Board, and a cheerful helper in the VHS Archives for several years. Here as elsewhere, she was admired for her thoughtfulness, dedication, good humour, and attention to detail. A celebration of her life was held in the Lawrie Wallace Auditorium on March 10, 2011, with more than 600 friends and family in attendance.
Click here to read a feature on Jill in the Times Colonist.
Click here to read a tribute to Jill written by her family.
Click here to read a memoir by Heather MacAndrew, Jill’s lifelong friend, who spoke at the celebration.

Lawrie Wallace, 1913-2006
Lawrence J. Wallace was a Vic High grad (1930) and teacher (1946-53) before embarking on his celebrated career as perhaps the most accomplished civil servant that British Columbia has ever known. Committed to Vic High and its future, no matter what his other responsibilities were, Lawrie Wallace always had time for his school. He was the chairman of the Vic High Centennial Committee and helped to create the Alumni Association. Lawrie has been recognized by the school through naming the auditorium in his honour.
Click here for an obituary published in the Times Colonist
Click here for a tribute written by King Lee (VHS 1958) and Barrie  Moen (VHS 1968) and published in the Times Colonist.

Duncan Lorimer, 1919-2005
Vic High and the Alumni Association lost a good friend with the passing of J. Duncan Lorimer, the last of Vic High’s long-serving principals. He spent a quarter century, almost his whole educational career, at Vic High. He remained a stalwart friend of the school, actively involved in alumni affairs, and will be remembered as embodying the school’s spirit by the thousands of students who knew him.
Click here for an obituary published in the Times Colonist.