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Tait, Deborah (nee Sturdy) (1968)

Tang, Bessie (1936)

Tang, King (1972)

Taylor, Don (1949)
Taylor, Jim (1955) 
Temple, Jean (nee Miller)

Thame, Stan (1961)

Thompson, John Lang (1952)

Thomson, G.A.V. (Victor), VHS Principal 1959-66
Thomson, Mrs. G.A.V. (Florence)
Thomson, Margot Charlotte (nee Gage) (1955)
Thomson, Peter (1952)

Thorpe, Ronald (1942)
Tickson, Grace (1941)

Tomlinson, Ronald Cyril (1952)
Tooby, Howard David (1946)
Todd, Dennis (1962)

Thornton, Violet Rae (née Curtis) (1949)

Travis, Lorraine Elizabeth (nee Brand) (1953)

Treherne, Thomas Claude (1940)
Tucker, Tom (1952)
Turcotte, Raymond (1952)
Turner, Barry Earl (1954)

Tutte, Velma (Val) (nee Wilson) (1943)
Tyson, Peter Robert (1962)
Ulrich, Mary (1931)

Underwood, Betty Lou Genevieve (nee Sidlick) (1948)
Unwin, Dr. Ernest A. (1951)
Ustik, Adam (1957)

Valdal, Ivan (1961)
Vanderbyl, Maureen (nee Maureen Vanderbyl (Wright, Bousfield) (1953)
Verne, Charles Michael (1972)
Vivian, Leslie Arthur (1943)
Vollinger, Roy (1961)
Voorsluys, Gerrit Hendrik “Henny” (1962)
Wagner, Veronica (nee Milton) (1963)
Waite, Mary (nee Parton) (1963)
Wakelyn, Daryl William (1968)
Wallace, Brian (1960)
Waller, E. Joyce  (1950)
Wallace, Jill (1966)
Wallace, Lawrie (1930) 
Wallace, Mrs. Lawrie (Lois)

Wallace, Rosalie (nee Gaiger) (1966)
Wallis, Rita (nee Nevard)(1940)

Walter, Vanetia (née Tait) 1951

Warburton, Tannis (1942)
Waring, Francis Edward
Watkins, David Thomas (former principal)
Watson, Allan Richard (1950)
Watson, Noreen “Nor ” Edwina (Wheeler)(1953)

Watson, Paul (1965)

Weber, Marguerite (nee Auchterlonie) (1943)

Wedman, Linda (1965)
Weich, Kathleen (1975)
Westcott, Alfred (1959)
White, Pamela (1943)
Whitmore, Brian (1965)
Wickes, James Allen (1955)

Wight, Jeannette (nee Nosler) (1944)
Wilkes, Sandra Isobel Alexandria (nee Gallagher) (1967)
Wilkinson, Philip (1948)

Willett, Lea Ernest (1982)
Williams, Ian G H (1935)
Williams, Joan F (1934)
Williams, Jo-Ann (nee Halfhide) (1962)
Williams, Laura Ella-Belle (1940)
Wills, Kenneth A. Ken (1940)
Wilson, Bill (1969)

Wilson, Kenneth D. (1970)

Wilson, Margaret Eileen (nee Wills) (1941)

Wilson, Wallace Keith (1948)

Wilson, Rosemary (nee MacFayden) (1955)
Wirtanen, Ernest Wilfred (1935)

Wolfe-Milner, Donna (Hutchinson) (1965)
Woollett, George (1951)
Wood, Bryant (1956)
Wood, Richard (1952)

Woodward, Christopher (1949)

Wright, Carmen (nee Hocking) (1949)
Wright, Winnifred Joy Kirchner Stamford (1942)
Wyle, Paul (1969)
Yates, Laura Viola (nee Manton) (1943)
Zellermeyer, Alex (1968)