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Oberg, Clarice Sarah (née Knott) (1950)

Oberg, Raymond (1949)

Oberg, Ronald (1949)
O’Brien, Michael (1981)
Okros, Aileen May (née Smyth) (1947)

Olds, Allan (1970)
Oliphant, Glenn (1949)
Oliver, Peter (1961)
Oliver, Winsome (nee Smith) (1943)

Olsen, Peter Eric (1944)
Olson, Joy (nee Saunders)
Orchard, Ray (1949)
O’Riordan, Gail (nee Wall) (1963)

Osselton, Harry (Henry) (1943)
Owens, Walter.Raymond (1953)

Ozard, Dianne (nee Fleming) (1965)
Ozard, William Wakefield (1955)
Packford, Robert William (1965)
Painter, Herbert G (1940)

Parfitt, Florence Mary (nee Rowley) (1938)

Park-Yallop , Kate (2007)

Parker, Tricia (nee Whiting) (1951) 
Parrott, Rubymay (nee Brown) (1938)

Parry, Ted (1965)
Paterson, Audrey (nee Pipes) (1942)
Paterson, David (1956)
Peerless, Kathleen (Kay) (nee Cruickshank) (1944)

Peirce, Yvonne (1950)
Pendray, Joyce Florence Marion (nee Andrews) (1943)
Perry, Jocelyn (nee Rigby) ) (1949)

Perullet, Jerry (1968)

Peters, Keith (1970)

Peters, Brian (1965)
Peterson, Ben (1941)
Phillips, John Malcolm (1943)
Pilcher, Dorothy A (nee Hosie) (1961)
Pimlott, Diana Pearl (1949)

Pinfold, Joan Eva (nee Bambrough) (1953)
Player, Sylvia Agnes (nee Welsh) (1950)
Pollick, Phyllis (nee Addison) (1936)
Pomeroy, Richard James (1955)

Potts, Frederick (1961)

Poulton, Percy (1938)
Pound, Faye Gillian (nee Heslop) (1997)

Powell, Victor Ross (1964)

Prelypchan, Trudean (nee Conrad) (1966)

Preston, Lorraine (nee Glass) (1941)

Preston, Priscilla (Pat) (nee Brown) (1942)

Prette, Richard (Dick) (1950)
Pretty, Maureen (nee Hill) (1939)

Price, Arthur Earle (1960)
Price, Eileen (nee Higgins) (1952)
Priestley, Glenn (1948)
Prior, Bill (1941)

Proke, Teresa (nee Trono) (1965)
Pupak, Florence J. (Tulloch) (1953)
Pynn, Gary (1951)

Pynn, Paul (1979)
Quan, Lily (nee Low) (1940)
Quan, Lily (1945)