Vic High Black & Gold Honour Roll

The Alumni’s premier biennial event, our Black & Gold Dinner, inducts a new group of extraordinary Vic High alumni into the Black & Gold Honour Roll each time it’s held. Each inductee is featured in a unique video, and Vic High students attend the event with alumni and help introduce each inductee. A wonderfully touching evening, as alumni across all school years gather to honour our own. It’s also a successful fundraising event that helps cover Alumni Association operating costs so we can keep connecting alumni and support our school and current students.   Click on each name below for their presentation video. They’re excellent!


  • 1888   Emily Carr world-renowned artist    (Inducted 2016)
  • 1924 “Torchy” Peden internationally acclaimed cyclist    (Inducted 2016)
  • 1930  Lawrie Wallace, BC Deputy Premier, staunch Vic High advocate   (Inducted 2023)
  • 1933 Doug Peden acclaimed in cycling, basketball & more    (Inducted 2016)
  • 1935 Tommy Mayne beloved Vic High drama teacher    (Inducted 2016)
  • 1944 Dr. Norma Mickelson renowned educator, OBC, OC    (Inducted 2016)
  • 1945 Dr. Wallace Chung respected medical researcher & innovator    (Inducted 2018)
  • 1951  Ann Kipling, nationally acclaimed artist    (Inducted 2023)
  • 1955 Jim Taylor  nationally acclaimed sports writer    (Inducted 2014)
  • 1955 David Anderson long-time federal MP & environmentalist    (Inducted 2018)
  • 1955 Dr. A.J. Stewart Smith world-renowned particle physicist    (Inducted 2016)
  • 1956  Ian McDougall, world-renowned jazz musician, music professor    (Inducted 2023)
  • 1957 Carole Sabiston world-renowned fabric artist    (Inducted 2018)
  • 1961  Sylvia Hosie,  teacher, choreographer, director    (Inducted 2023)
  • 1962 Dr. Maria Tippett leading Canadian cultural historian    (Inducted 2014)
  • 1963  Timothy Vernon, internationally acclaimed conductor    (Inducted 2023)
  • 1966 David Day internationally acclaimed author    (Inducted 2018)
  • 1966  Jill Wallace, BC Deputy Attorney General, Vic High advocate    (Inducted 2023)
  • 1971 Richard Hunt renowned First Nations artist    (Inducted 2014)
  • 1971 Hans de Goede internationally-acclaimed rugby player    (Inducted 2016)
  • 1972  Pamela Madoff, celebrated heritage advocate, former Victoria city councillor    (Inducted 2023)
  • 1983  Mohammed Elewonibi, Super Bowl 1992 team, CFL player    (Inducted 2023)
  • 1984 Jessica Monroe-Gonin Olympic rowing medalist    (Inducted 2014)
  • 1992 Sam Dunn award-winning documentary filmmaker    (Inducted 2018)

Thank You for Your Donations!

It takes a village of alumni and friends to ensure our Alumni Association can keep supporting Vic High, its current students, and its history. We celebrate and thank all who donated last year. Needless to say, we couldn’t do it without you, our generous donors.  2023 Donors,  2022 Donors2021 Donors2020 Donors,

Some Notable Vic High Alumni

…and this is just the beginning!  Stay tuned as we add more, and be sure to contact Communications with more Notable Alumni suggestions.

We Love Volunteers

Alumni volunteers supporting Vic High goes back to at least 1974, and we celebrate every single one of you. Hundreds of thousands of dollars raised, many school projects and amenities supported, and a lot of fun along the way. We are in awe of the dedication of volunteers to the Vic High Spirit and memories. And welcome all alumni to find their way to join in. Thanks!

Vic High Alumni Authors

We definitely celebrate all our Vic High authors. Follow this link to Vic High’s collection of books written by and about Vic High Alumni. If you know of someone who should be there, or can donate a copy of your book, contact the  Vic High Librarian.  And congratulations!