Christy Bowen, VHS 2000 Loves Vic High, Loves Helping

Christy Bowen, VHS 2000    Loves Vic High, Loves Helping

Christy is one of our newest, and definitely most enthusiastic volunteers. Besides helping with some Archives tasks, she has single-handedly contacted thousands of alumni in the last six weeks to update their contact info on our email list. She loves to learn new things, watch her kids learn, and help people to the best of her ability and with the help of God.

“I volunteer [with the Alumni] because I want to give back to a fabulous school that is full of history,” says Christie, “and I want the Alumni to keep going.” Christy also helps out on the Central Middle School PAC, at least until her son moves on to Vic High.

Christy loved the feeling of being in the Vic High building, and appreciated teachers who made sure she was on the right track with her learning. Like a lot of us, though, she’s changed her goals several times since leaving school. At one point she thought she’d see what life would be like off the island so she moved to the prairies. “Of course I moved back,” says Christy. “I’ve had four children and I’m happily married to a great man.”

Thanks, Christy, for all you’re doing to help the Alumni now. We’re looking forward to your help in the Vic High Archives & Museum when Vic High reopens in 2023.