Class of 1963 60th Reunion

Class of 1963 60th Reunion

The party was a year late, but still full of smiles, laughter, and gratitude as the Class of 1963 celebrated their time together at Vic High. Seventy guests gathered in person at Victoria’s Cedar Hill Golf Club April 27, 2024, and a few memories were shared from alumni in far-off cities. Alumni pored over several copies of their Camosun, inspected memorabilia from the Vic High Archives and Museum, and purchased Vic High-branded ball caps, mugs, clothing, and other items at the Alumni’s pop-up store.  The food was wonderful, prizes were given out, and of course, Come Give A Cheer was sung with great enthusiasm. An anonymous donor covered the event costs, so attendees made donations to the Vic High Alumni totalling almost  $2000 in lieu of an event fee.  Special thanks to organizers Doug Cliff, JoEllen Morrison, Gillian Thomas, and Leigh Large assisted by Nancy Ring. The Reunion Team will decide how the funds collected will support the Alumni and Vic High.

Memories from Afar

Wendy (Maxwell) Michener wrote:  Hello from the east coast (Nova Scotia) and a ’63 Grad. Greetings to all who were so lucky to have attended Vic High. I still feel like cheering when I read Alumni newsletters. I returned to the school in ’63 to complete high school…one class only. [I was] actually in the Class of ’62 but family headed off to Ontario for supposedly my grad year.  [I] miss the west coast but Nova Scotia is amazing. [I] retired here from Alberta in ’02.

And Robin Jeffrey sent greetings from Australia:  After Grade 12, like a lot of us, I went to UVic in that first intake in the autumn of 1963 after it had become a full-fledged university. After graduation in 1967, I went to India with CUSO and taught English for two years in a government high school in the new city of Chandigarh. India and I have been trying to understand each other ever since.

I went from Chandigarh to Brighton in the UK and did a doctorate in Indian History at Sussex University, which included another year in India. I got to know some admirable Australian academics and got a three-year fellowship (working on India) to the Australian National University in Canberra in 1973. I married an Australian (we met at the National Archives of India in New Delhi), and I’m still in Australia, and still entangled with India fifty-one years later. In that time I’ve also worked at La Trobe University in Melbourne and the National University of Singapore. 

I remain a wannabe jock – an addicted viewer of any activity where a puck is dropped or a ball (large or small, round or oval) is kicked, thrown, bounced, bowled or batted. My wife and I live in the old (1889) terrace we bought when I got a job in Melbourne in 1979. We have no kids, but do have visiting rights with five toddlers who are very good for maintaining flexibility. Better ‘n’ 5BX and they give me an excuse to go into the excellent toy store in our local shopping street.  (But you can’t beat, I find, an egg carton and a dozen ping pong balls. Keeps me entertained for hours…the kids like it too!)

My wife and I come to Canada every year or two, especially BC. The friends that we see go back to Vic High and CUSO days. It’s surprisingly easy to pick up with such people and find plenty to talk about, going back to the days when Victoria had a professional baseball team, the Royal Athletic Park caught fire, and the Totems won the BC high school basketball championship. The starting line-up, as I remember it, had Ash Valdal and Neil Worboys at guard, John Lauvaas and Rick Barnswell at forward, and Ken Gregory at Centre. Those names provide lots to talk about – you can forget Greek gods and the siege of Troy.

I hope the reunion goes well. If there are any photos or links you could tip me off where to find them. Meanwhile, do stay in touch.