Vic High Details Honour Its History

Vic High Details Honour Its History

Alumni volunteers are busy sorting and setting up the Archives & Museum at Vic High, as District staff install systems and furnishings and teachers start packing up for the spring break move into the school. April 4 the current Leadership Students will tour the school in preparation for leading their classmates on tours on April 5. Monday April 8, Vic High officially welcomes students and classes begin.

First floor hallway, east side (Girls’ side), with a beautiful mosaic honouring the school’s founding as you cross the threshold into the original 1914 building.



Center portion of the old 3rd floor Harry Smith Library, where the original Rhodesian Mahogany flooring was retained. This is now a collaboration/gathering space, and looks through to the original exterior railings facing Grant Street. Classrooms are on either side of this space.





East (Girls’) and West (Boys’) entrances’ new flooring. Stairs off these entrances go down to the Main (1st) floor and up to the 2nd floor south hallway – the Heritage Hallway. It features new egg-and-dart ceiling moulding, a heritage classroom in the southeast corner, and dark wood trim. Accent colours denote the floor you’re on. The 2nd floor accent colour is gold, 1st floor is medium purple, 3rd floor is dark blue, and 4th floor is light/turquoise blue.



Contrasting dark wood trim defines spaces in the Heritage Hallway. The School Office is where it always was, the World War 1 bronze memorial has been cleaned, and display cases for trophies and student and archival displays are back in position adjacent to the entrance to the Lawrie Wallace Auditorium.



The old Safe with its heavy double doors has been moved to a new location inside the new Staff Workroom, down the office-lined hallway from the School Office.



The Lawrie Wallace Auditorium would do its namesake proud, and features new lighting in the ceiling and under the balcony, gold-highlighted detailing in the moulding on the balcony face, and a new AV booth at the back of the balcony.





How cool is this! New moveable bleachers sport decorative accents, and when seen from above or closed up, honour the year Vic High was founded.



Colourful, inspiring art panels adorn the new Vining Street entrance (the Grant Street entrance remains), where you enter the (newly-renamed) Main floor of the school.