Totems Alumni Champs Honoured

Past Totem Champs Honoured at Vic High Basketball Tournament

by King Lee, VHS 1958

(photos and videos courtesy of Anne McKeachie, 1969, Carolyn Hammond, 1969, Mary Anne Skill, 1975, Linda Baker, 1969, Vic High students and staff)

Ian McLean, VHS 1969, tosses the 1969 Championship game ball for the ceremonial tip-off.

Thirteen former Victoria High Totems’ players visited the school’s Topaz campus January 19,  to be honoured at a Vic High/Parkland game, part of the Vic High-hosted Senior Boys Basketball Hardwood Tournament. Vic High staff and students rolled out the red carpet with reserved courtside seating and snacks, and current Totems welcomed alumni players as they arrived before the game.  Totems players then formed an honour guard that each Totem alumni passed through as they were individually introduced to thunderous applause by Athletics Director Matt Phillips. The 1969 BC Champs game ball featured in the ceremonial tip-off, thrown high by team member Ian McLean.

Ian McLean, 1969, Ron Dworski, 1969, and Roger Skillings, 1968, are greeted ahead of the game by members of the 2023/24 Vic High Totems.






Neil Worboys, VHS 1962

Eric Walker, VHS 1966

Neil Worboys, VHS 1962, drove down from Qualicum Beach for the game, proudly wearing his championship Totems jacket.  Drew Schroeder, Al Glover, Rodney Fields, Eric Walker and Len Roueche represented the 1966 championship team, and Roger Skillings represented the 1968 team. Eric Walker and Len Roueche wore their black Championship sports jackets embroidered with a gold totem and the words ‘BC Champions  Totems  Basketball 1966’. The 1969 BC Championship Totems present were Barrie Moen, Mike Chornoby, Eric Earl, Ron Dworski, Ian McLean and Dave Mulcahy.

Anne McKeachie, VHS 1968, Carolyn Hammond, VHS 1969, Mary Anne Skill, VHS 1975, and Linda Baker, VHS 1969, all attended the game as well to support their classmates and cheer on the current team.

“It was cool,” said Neil,  laughing as he recalled that he was part of a Canadian junior men’s basketball championship team in 1964 with former Vancouver College Fighting Irish players who had been mortal enemies just two years earlier. Drew, a retired lawyer, agreed with Neil. “I think it’s pretty neat,” he said of the invitation and honour.

Vic High Principal Aaron Parker (Left back corner) and Athletics Director Matt Phillips (Left front corner) join Totems alumni and current players before the game.


Asked what he thought of the basketball he was watching from courtside, Drew said it was a different game from his playing days at Vic High. He said the addition of the shot clock (30 seconds to hit the rim or score) has made it a “one-and-done” type of game.

The Vic High Beginning Dance class performed at quarter time, complete with branded Vic High clothing and black, gold and white pom poms. The Creative Dance team was also cheered on by students in attendance at half-time.

“The school has done such a wonderful job bringing back the memories and nostalgia,” said Barrie. And it was clear these former Totems were impressed by the appreciation and respect shown them by current Totems, students and staff.



Current Totems headed straight for the Totems’ alumni after the game, thanking them for coming to support them, as alumni congratulated team members on a great game.

Front row, L to R: Ian McLean, 1969, Len Roueche, 1966, Al Glover, 1966, Neil Worboys, 1962, Roger Skillings, 1968, Barrie Moen, 1969 Back row, L to R: Neil Walker, 1966, Rodney Fields, 1966, Drew Schroeder, 1966, Eric Earl, 1969, Ron Dworski, 1969, Mike Chornoby, 1969, Dave Mulcahy, 1969

And to top it all off, the current Vic High Totems team beat Parkland in a gritty 55-46 victory, finishing in the middle of the pack when the tournament concluded January 20. What a game! And what a welcome for Vic High alumni by current students and staff.

Some of Our Totems Alumni Running the Gauntlet

Drew Schroeder, 1966

Al Glover, 1966

Roger Skillings, 1968

Barrie Moen, 1969











Ron Dworski, 1969

Mike Chornoby, 1969

Eric Earl, 1969












Dave Mulcahy, 1969

Ian McLean, 1969

1969 alumni, L to R: Dave Mulcahy, Linda Baker, Mike Chornoby, Eric Earl, Ron Dworski, Ian McLean, Carolyn Hammond, Barrie Moen











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Ceremonial Tip-Off – Ian McLean, 1969

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Pre-Game Alumni Line-Up