Tara Laughlin, VHS 2008 Joins Alumni Board

Tara Laughlin, VHS 2008   Joins Alumni Board

Tara (Grdic) Laughlin, VHS 2008, was elected to the Vic High Alumni Board in June 2022, and says she is proud to be part of such a driven group of alumni.

Tara graduated from the University of Toronto with an Honours Bachelor of Arts, specializing in Communications. She started her career working in the Non-For-Profit Sector, later moving into Private Sector Marketing. In September 2021, Tara made the switch to the Public Sector, working in Information and Privacy, assisting the public in understanding their rights and advocating for privacy for the residents of British Columbia.


Besides hiking and travelling, Tara enjoys learning new things, eating delicious food, and spending time at home with her small family consisting of a husband, dog and two cats. As a newly-elected Alumni director she looks forward to supporting Vic High through student and faculty support, Alumni events, and general advocacy. She is also passionate about supporting and advocating for public schools where possible.