New Cheer Squad At Vic High?

New Cheer Squad At Vic High?

by Doug Puritch, VHS 1969

Photo courtesy of Mike Chornoby, VHS 1969

It was the fall of 1968 and the Vic High Tyees [senior boys soccer] were in the Colonist Cup Final against the Mount View Hornets. After an undefeated season the Tyees were hoping for a win to progress to the Island Championship, as only the winner of the Colonist Cup would advance. The cup final was being played at Topaz Park as the Athletic Park field was unplayable due to a recent fire. It was a memorable game as both schools transported hundreds of students by charter buses which gave the game a championship feel. With hundreds of Vic High fans cheering on the Tyees and singing along with the school song it was a great event. However a memorable highlight was the Beta Boy’s cheerleaders.


The Beta Boy’s were a service club but specialized in building school spirit. Wearing skirts and sporting the black and gold, the Beta Boys led the crowd in singing the school fight song and cheering on the team Despite this support the Tyees were defeated by a sudden death penalty shot. But the memory of the Beta Boys Cheerleaders will last forever in the pages of Vic High history.


And from the newsletter team…and Eric Earl, VHS 1969 for help identifying a couple of these guys

Here’s what we know about this famous cheer squad, Left to Right:

Jamie Scott, VHS 1969

Mike Chornoby, VHS 1969      Owner of  AFE Automotive Finishes and Equipment since 1974

Dave Osborn, VHS 1970

Brian Dunn, VHS 1970              Owner of  Smugglers Cove Pub in Victoria

Ron Dworski, VHS 1969            Teacher (Retired) in Campbell River, now living back in Victoria

Gerry Vanderjagt, VHS 1969    Teacher (Retired) in Campbell River

Dave Mulcahy, VHS 1969          Renovated homes, building a home in Montana

Bruce Gower, VHS 1970

We thought you might want to see who was on the Tyees that year. They look like a pretty happy bunch, despite the last-ditch goal by Mount View that snatched the Colonist Cup from their grasp.