Mary Anne Skill, VHS 1975 Communications Specialist Brings Enthusiasm to Alumni

Mary Anne Skill, VHS 1975 Communications Specialist Brings Enthusiasm to Alumni

March 2022 


Best memories of time at Vic High?  I was very active at Vic High, so have tons of great memories – I think they all boil down to laughter – laughing with the sheer joy of being there with good friends and having a great time.  Oh, and tormenting poor Mr. Heinrich, my Chemistry teacher, because I was just so atrociously bad at Chemistry.

Any lifelong friendships since then? There was a core group of about 8 of us who were always together and have all remained good friends. Outside of that core group, there were also friends who I can count as friends today – which is quite lovely.

Whatcha been up to since graduation? I worked in economic and tourism development in Northern BC, wrote for a newspaper, and won an award for one of my stories. I moved to Qatar in the Middle East, returned to university there as a ‘mature student’, and graduated as valedictorian. I worked as a graphic designer and won awards for my work. Returned to Victoria and am now the volunteer curator of the Costume Museum at Government House. And throughout it all, has been my very patient and ‘oft-confused by me’ hubby, Gary.

Why do you volunteer with the Alumni? The call went out for someone to help with the newsletter. As a graphic designer, a favourite project of mine is working on newsletters, so I answered the call. Also, although I have a university degree, in my heart, my academic home has always been Vic High.

When did you start? I started working with the Alumni in October 2021, and have discovered a great group of dedicated volunteers.

What projects are you involved with? I started with the Newsletter, and now am also involved in Fundraising, have taken on the Vic High Swag portfolio, and working with the 150 Year History Book.

What do you like about volunteering? Volunteering allows you to get involved in doing something you enjoy doing, that you choose to do. And you meet some wonderful people along the way. The Vic High Alumni Association is chock full of volunteers who are passionate, committed and so enthusiastic about the Association. And I am gobsmacked at the incredible amount of experience, education, professionalism, and talent that they bring to the table. I am in very good company here.