Eric Earl, VHS 1969 Alumni’s Tech Wizard

Eric Earl, VHS 1969   Alumni’s Tech Wizard

March 2022

What are some of your great memories of Vic High?

Playing basketball for Porky Andrews for 3 years. I went to Regina in 1967, we missed the BC championship in 68, and was on the Vic High Totems that won the BC Championship [beating Oak Bay!] in 1969.

What have you been doing since graduation? 

I got married and still am, we have 3 kids and now a granddaughter. I did some UVIC then ran out of money. Then went into Mapping with BC Government for 2 years, then the Federal Government for 38 years.

Do you still see any high school friends?

Yes, several I still carouse with, though some have died. I attended wonderful reunions for 1968 and 1969 (I am a ’12-plusser’,  or ‘I couldn’t get enough of grade 12 so I stayed an extra year’). [We happen to know Eric is one of a tiny gang of Vic High alumni – the Tankards – that meet regularly for coffee to share stories (made up or real, we’re not sure) and reminisce about the ‘good ol’ days’. You can see them in the Vic High Stories photo on our Home Page.]

Why do you volunteer with the Alumni?  What do you do?

I love the history of the school and old times in Victoria. I do some graphics work for the Vic High Archives & Museum.   [Eric is too modest: He helped with the Class of 1969 50th Reunion by creating posters and reproducing the class photo. He helps with the Camosun Scanning Project by taking the scanned pages [done by Shirley [Beecham] Kasper,VHS 1969, and turning them into searchable documents linked from the Alumni website. He routinely answers the calls for help with technology issues and tasks that exceed the humble skills of other volunteers. We could go on and on. Basically he has a huge magic ‘tech’ wand and he generously helps out wherever he can.]


Any hobbies? Interests?

Computers/technology, history (present and biblical), family and faith.