Scholarships, Awards, and Bursaries

Vic High students are eligible every year for scholarships and bursaries from the Vic High Alumni totalling over $18,000 in 2021.  Invested funds have been raised through large Alumni-organized school events and reunions, through targeted fundraising by specific grad classes, and through bequests by past alumni. Read more about how the Alumni manages bequests and donations to create scholarships and bursaries for Vic High students.

How to Donate,  Estate Planning

Please contact our Scholarship Co-ordinator. 

Past Scholarship & Bursary Winners

2020 | 2021 (see below) | 2022 | 2023

June 2021

Reg Reid Memorial Leadership Ambassador $1000 Annika Clark
Tommy Mayne Scholarship, Dramatic & Performing Arts $1000 Aislin Downey
Class of 68 Spirit Scholarship $750 Felix Jensen
Dorothy Evans Music Bursary $1000 Anisa Linuzzi
Noel Collison Bursary $500 Tao Harris
Peter Smith Centennial Award $1000 Eileen Quayle
Fine Arts Centennial Award $1000 Laara Huuskonen
Packford Technology Award $1000 Calin Barber
Alumni Bursary $600 Mikyla West
Alumni Award for Technical Education $500 Ty McKellar
Alumni Award for Biology $500 Azura Idu
Alumni Award for Computer & Info Tech $500 Tizian Priwall
Alumni Award for Music $500 Grayson Threlfall
Alumni Award for Hairstyling $500 Ella Erickson
Alumni Award for Fine Arts $500 Chloe Stone
Alumni Award for Languages $500 Eileen Quayle
Alumni Award for Mathematics $500 Marco Jolly
Gidney Bursary – awarded to Deserving Students & Projects $1000 As needed
Ellis Award for Dance $500 Cian Waldron
Ellis Award for Musical Theatre $500 Ember Bruszkowski
Ellis Award for Visual Arts $500 Shayla Beckett
Laura A. Gardom Bursary $1000 Lucia Palma
Laura A. Gardom Bursary $1000 Rhea Harper
Laura A. Gardom Bursary $1000 Azura Idu
Chelsea & Jazelin Maskos Bursary (Funded through Alumni by direct annual donation) $500 Bridget Boldy
Leduc-McQueen Award (Funded through Alumni by direct annual donation) $500 Lucas Pokotylo