1920s Autograph Books Seek Connections

1920s Autograph Books Seek Connections

Eva Young graduated from Vic High in 1927 or 1928. Her niece, Shelagh Armour-Godbolt, wrote us about items she found while closing her aunt’s estate.  I have found a number of autograph books, some clearly from her years at Vic High. Some of the 1927 messages suggest they are from students at Sir James Douglas School, others at Victoria High. The three books contain a mix of drawings, verse, jokes, quotes, and Biblical references. Some pages reflect dates later than 1928. After graduating, Eva attended Sprott Shaw Business College and was then employed in Victoria. She subsequently went to England to train as a nurse before returning to Victoria. I would be happy to provide anyone connected with the names below with a copy of their relative’s entry in Eva Young’s autograph books.

Here are the names


Mrs. G.J. Oulette                              Rose Gray                              Jessamine Fryer                              Betty Shute                              Winnifred Robb (SJD)

Lillian Barton                                    Eleanor Anderson                Kathleen Burnett                            Mrs. Rowley                            Gladys Rowley

Dorothy Pears                                    Kathleen Baird                     Gladys Scrivener                             Mary G. Huffman


Velma                                                   Delia Zink                              Rosalie                                              E. Marriott                              Rose Halsey

Doreen                                                 Grace Keefe                            Mrs. S. E. Keefe                              Inez Penzer                             Joyce Marriott

Georgina Watt


Genevieve Liddle                                Annie Horocholin, Victoria High School                                  Ruth Whiting                           Kathleen Ellis

“Oley”                                                    Elizabeth Campbell


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