Vic High 2020

…a superbly photographed moment in time. Pam Madoff (VHS 1972) Heritage Activist & retired Victoria City Councillor

…a must-purchase for all who love Vic High. Roger Skillings (VHS 1968) retired sports executive

…put a smile on my face and tears in my eyes, an elegant way to commemorate this piece of Victoria’s history.  Dr. Maple Melder-Crozier (VHS 1976)

…perfectly captures the character of Vic High. Dr. Linda Reid (VHS 1977)

Vic High 2020         

Gorgeous photo book capturing Vic High’s spirit and character, inside and out, before upgrades.

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Sharing memories, raising funds to support Vic High and its students.

$25 plus mailing = $31.25 within Canada, $38 anywhere else.

To order, email with Name, Address, Phone #, Email address and number of copies. We’ll contact  you to arrange payment (cheque, e-transfer, cash) – and mailing. Pick-up options available in Greater Victoria. Questions: call Donna 250-480-0953.


Fergie Andison (VHS 1968), photographer and videographer extraordinaire, talking about the project link. Photo Book Experience, Photo Book Hopes, Photo Book Favourites.

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A truly remarkable tribute to a truly remarkable school!  Beautiful photographs and charming commentary bring to life the history, architecture, and enduring nature of our venerable Vic High. Leafing through the pages is like walking through the grounds and into the main hallway, exploring every aspect of the school’s interior and exterior. From boiler room to attic, from auditorium to gymnasium, this book is sure to captivate past, present and future generations of those who hold Vic High dear.

And it leaves no doubt as to why we want to preserve this historic and inspirational school.

PS And it perfectly captures the character of Vic High! Bravo!!

                                Dr. Linda Reid (VHS 1977) GP & daughter of former vice-principal Reg Reid

What a tremendous book that reveals in pictures and words what a treasure our current Victoria High School has been since 1914. Fergie Andison has captured in this book all the significant components of our grand school. For all those who love Vic High, it is a must purchase.

                                Roger Skillings (VHS 1968) retired sports executive, former Chair VHSA

Photographs and memories of a grand old friend, and plans for preserving the best parts for a great future….this book has it all!

                                Donna Jones (VHS 1957) former SD 61 School Board Chair

Vic High 2020 provides a superbly photographed moment in time in the life of Victoria High School.  This moment in time is particularly important as it is a moment that we will not see again as the school is readied for a major renovation, restoration and expansion.  The book provides a virtual top to bottom tour of the building capturing details of how the school has been experienced by its most recent students and also showcasing the architecture of the building that has been experienced, enjoyed and celebrated by students and staff for more than 100 years.”

                                    Pam Madoff (VHS 1972), Heritage Activist & retired Victoria City Councillor

Extraordinary!!!! Congratulations to all for a job beyond expectations.                                      Ed Kozicki, VHS 1969

It’s like having a guided tour of the school and will become a family keepsake. Congratulations on an exceptional job of documenting the school we know and love.

                                  Helen (Kelley) Edwards (VHS 1964) and Heritage Activist since 1976

     Don’t let this last chance to remember and keep “good old” Vic High in your heart and home go by. Fergie Andison has captured the essence of our school with his wonderful photography and your memories will do the rest. Victoria High 2020 is a must-have keepsake for those with black and gold running through their veins.

                               King Lee, Class of ’58 (1958!)

Absolutely fantastic quality and some amazing photography. Thank you so very much. The memories came flooding back. 

                              Geoff Bell, VHS 1969

My book arrived yesterday and I think it’s beautiful.  Congratulations on a job well done. Thank you for all that you all do for Vic High.

                               Vera (Stanley) Creelman, VHS 1949

I have just received my copy of Vic High 2020.  It brought back many precious memories of my two years at Vic High.  It reminded me of many places I have been in the school and showed me a few I had never seen before.  Some photos showed how the school has not changed, while others illustrated how much it has evolved.  One or two photos reminded me of people I hadn’t thought of in years.  My brothers and sister also attended Vic High and I will certainly urge them to acquire copies of their own.

My congratulations to those who conceived the project and carried it out so magnificently.

                            Wayne Smith (VHS 1969) Former Chief Statistician of Canada and Deputy Minister for Statistics Canada









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