Class of 1969 – 50th Reunion

To:  All Members of Victoria High School, Class of ‘69

From:  Adelle “I can’t believe it has been 5 decades!” Zannet Hatch

Hello to all. I hope this email finds you happy and healthy.

Soon it will be time for our 50 year reunion and the world has changed so much since 1969 when there were Drive-ins and Love-ins. And the Rolling Stones.

Now there are cellphones, Facebook, Twitter, self-driving cars, virtual reality and bike lanes everywhere…. And still the Rolling Stones!

I have submitted a request to the Schools Rental Department for access to the gyms at Vic High School for Friday, October 4, 2019 as well as Saturday, October 5.

Likely, only one of those dates will be chosen as details of the reunion are finalized.

BUT… Vic High could be undergoing renovation at that time and not available, at all, in October 2019!!!

Please be assured that I am fully committed to organizing a fun event for all those who wish to attend a 50 year reunion celebration.

I welcome any suggestions for what you would like to see as part of the reunion event.

So spread the word that wheels are finally in motion and plans are being discussed.  Be sure to hold the date.

If you would like further details or would like to help please contact us at

Come give a cheer,

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