Class of 1969 – 50th Reunion

   50 years?        No way!

Vic High Class of ’69 School Tour & House Party

Friday, May 10, 2019      2:00PM to late-ish

                                         Almost half the tickets reserved already


  • Afternoon School Tours – including the Attic Last chance before seismic renos….2:00pm
  • Party -Norway Hall Because none of us has a big enough house! Doors 5:30pm
  • Dancing to the Vic High R & B Band Google them – these guys are amazing.
  • Supper by Toque Catering   Award winning food.
  • And by special request: Rice-A-Roni by Adelle (Zannet) Hatch.

What’s Next

Cheque to Linda Baker, 2783 Murray Dr., Victoria  V9A 2S4 (Email to say it’s on its way)

Adelle, Carolyn, Linda & Eric……we’re having so much fun reminiscing while we organize the party for you, that we can’t wait for you all to get here!


Linda Baker                     
Eric Earl
Carolyn Hammond                                         
Adelle (Zannet) Hatch
Marion Olson                         
Or call Linda 778-265-9877

            Come Give A Cheer ….. and join the party!

PS   Anybody besides us want to see Dougie Puritch’s ‘Whistling Stomach’?

           ‘Baby Elephant Walk’ is already on the playlist.  Just sayin’…


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