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How to Register as an Alumni

Registration as an Alumni is free to all Vic High graduates, staff, and members of the greater Vic High community. To ensure the validity of the data we are receiving, and to discourage those who are just playing around, registration is a multi-step process.

  1. You must provide a valid email address. An email will be sent instantly to that address which will contain a link to the registration page. This link will be valid for only one day so that it cannot be forwarded to others to use.
  2. When you get to the registration page (by using the link in your email) you will be able to enter your information into a web form. Once submitted, your registration will be inactive until it is reviewed by an administrator.
  3. Once the administrator verifies your information your registration will be activated. You will then receive email notification that the process has been completed.

What Happens to My Information?

Your contact information is confidential and will be used only by the Alumni Association and reunion organizers, who may contact you by phone, email, or regular mail.

The only information about you that is displayed on the website is your name and grad year. Other registered alumni can contact you through the website but it will be via a blind email – you will receive their name and email address but they will not know your email address unless you reply to their email. (Privacy Policy)

What’s the Difference between Registered Alumni and Members?

We used to distinguish between registered alumni and members, the latter of which paid a one-time fee for a lifetime membership. We now treat both categories the same – anyone who is registered on this website is considered a lifetime member of the Association.

What If I Didn’t Graduate?

The Alumni Association and this website are open to anyone who attended or taught at Vic High, their spouses, or others who consider themselves members of the greater Vic High community. Please let us know what class year you were in though, whether or not you’re a Vic High grad, as this will help your classmates find you.

If I Don’t Have Email, What Do I Do?

If you don’t have an email and wish to be registered you can write to the Alumni Association  c/o Victoria High School, 1260 Grant Street, Victoria BC  V8T 1C2. Please include the following information:

  • Your full name in high school and your current last name if different
  • Your spouse’s name (optional)
  • Your grad year
  • Were you a staff member?
  • Your full postal address
  • Your telephone number including area code (optional)

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