Reunion Planning in a Nutshell

  • Start planning up to two years in advance. Recruit a chair, treasurer, secretary and registrar. Others can be recruited later as you decide on what you need.
  • Regular meetings are fun – like mini reunions! It’s always helpful to circulate agenda items before and notes/minutes after. Use Skype or Zoom if you can’t meet in person
  • The Alumni Reunion Co-ordinator can provide a spreadsheet of your year’s alumni with whatever contact info we have available. This can be saved in a Google Drive and by adding missing names from your Camosun, it becomes a Master List to share and update as you all find more alumni. Alumni are anyone who attended, whether or not they graduated. Teachers and staff may also appreciate being invited.
  • After your reunion, the spreadsheet should be returned to the Reunion Co-ordinator so the alumni member records can be updated.
  • The Past Reunions page links you to other reunions. It’s always fun to see what others have done at their reunions.
  • Decide on date and venue early and send out a Save the Date email. It’s always good to book entertainment early as well.
  • Contact the Vic High Archives & Museum to see what can be loaned out, and what info and materials they may have on your year.
  • If you want to arrange tours of the school, contact the school principal (2022 onwards, after renos are complete and the building is occupied again)
  • If you want to use the Vic High building or grounds for an event, contact School District 61’s Rentals Dept. to get your permit and a rental quote: email or phone Christine Bell  250-475-4178 or Gerda Boenbers 250-475-4174.
  • Create a budget, an estimate of projected costs.You’ll need this to help decide what to charge people to attend various parts of your reunion. Sample Planning Budget
  • Incentives for early registration can be helpful – to start estimating attendance and provide funds for upfront expenses. Sample Registration Form 1, Sample Registration Form 2
  • Be sure to contact the Web Coordinator with key information and it will be posted. Details can be added later.
  • Some teams create a simple website and/or Facebook page. It may help you reach more alumni, and build excitement.
  • Silent auctions can help generate revenue to help cover costs. Many reunions end up with a profit and hold back a few hundred dollars as seed money for the next reunion and donate the rest to the VHS Alumni Association to help support current students and programs. Sample Silent Auction Bid Sheet

As soon as you can after the reunion, get in touch with all  your alumni – not just attendees – about what a great event it was.  Thank everyone. Collect photos from attendees they allow you to post, and post info and photos on your website/Facebook page. Send photos and information to the Web Coordinator and we’ll post the information under Past Events, which links from your year’s alumni listing pages to your previous reunions.