Welcome to the Victoria High School Alumni Association Website

Reconnect with Vic High Friends!
Where are they now?
The Alumni Association website enables you to find and contact old schoolmates.

It’s Easy.
Check the listings under “Find Alumni” first to see if you are already in our database. If not, you can register yourself. Once your registration has been accepted, you can use the “Find Alumni” search feature to get in touch with friends from Vic High.

It’s Private and Secure.
With today’s concerns about personal information, email spam and spyware, we were careful to design a system that will permit contact while protecting privacy. Click here for further information on the Association’s Privacy Policy.

Once you have registered, using your email address and postal code as passwords, you can send a “blind” email to other members asking whether they want to get in touch. No one’s email address is revealed unless they choose to reply.

This feature is available free to registered Vic High alumni. Give it a try.

For details of upcoming reunions and special events, click on the Reunions tab above.

For information on how to make a donation to support the Vic High Alumni Association, click on the Canada Helps button below.

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